NVISO and Tobii to collaborate to accelerate innovation in Interior Monitoring Systems

5th August, 2021

nViso SA (NVISO), the leading AI human behavioural analytics company, and Tobii AB (Tobii), the world leader in eye tracking technology, are pleased to announce a collaboration to combine Tobii’s DMS solutions with NVISO’s Human Behaviour AI Apps for OMS. The collaboration follows the latest forward-thinking design specifications from Automotive manufacturers and will enable the development of advanced IMS in next generation software-defined vehicles.

The key driver for this development is the increasing demand for cost effective technologies that provide both a safer driving experience along with enhanced comfort and security, through improved understanding of both drivers and passengers. This being achieved through analysing the visual feedback channel within a vehicle which will be a key enabler for next generation Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) supporting intuitive, human-like and emotive communication.

NVISO’s AI technologies include analysis of the driver’s facial features, including micro-facial muscle movements, to detect emotional activity. Additionally, other aspects of driver behaviour are analysed, such as head and body pose and characteristic data such as age and gender. The technologies are also capable of identifying objects such as smartphones held by occupants, the presence of pets and the installation of objects such as child seats. Integration of NVISO’s technologies with Tobii’s DMS solutions will enable more intelligent understanding of the occupants of a vehicle including issuing alerts to the driver based on a deeper understanding of their state, providing a safer and more comfortable environment for all occupants and delivering enhanced experiences and services.

“Our vision is to create safer and more personalised driver and passenger experiences by deeply embedding our AI in every car in the world. Working with the industry leader Tobii is a great step towards realising our vision.” said Tim Llewellynn, CEO and Co-founder of NVISO.

“NVISO is a world leader in sensing human emotions from facial expressions and at the forefront in delivering multiple vision-based AI applications. Forming this alliance with NVISO allows us to combine our cutting-edge AI technologies leading to safer cars while at the same time providing drivers and passengers with a more personalized and interactive driving experience along with enhanced services” added Anand Srivatsa, Division CEO, Tobii Tech.

About NVISO, is an Artificial Intelligence ("AI") company founded in 2009 and headquartered at the Innovation Park of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. Its mission is to help make autonomous machines safe, secure, and personalised for humans. As leader in human behavioural AI, it provides software solutions that can sense, comprehend, and act upon human behaviour in real-world environments. It achieves this through real-time perception and observation of people and objects in contextual situations combined with the reasoning and semantics of human behaviour based on trusted scientific research. NVISO’s technology is made accessible through ready-to-use AI solutions addressing Smart Mobility and Smart Health and Living applications (interior sensing, health assessments, and robot interactions) with a key focus on deployments to the deep edge. With a singular focus on how to apply the most advanced and robust technology to industry and societal problems that matter, NVISO’s solutions help advance human potential.

About Tobii is the global leader in eye tracking. Our mission is to improve the world with technology that understands human attention and intent. Tobii operates through three business units: Tobii Dynavox makes specially designed computers that are controlled by eye movement or touch screens for use by people with special needs due to spinal cord injuries, CP, ALS or other medical conditions. Tobii Pro develops and sells eye tracking equipment and services used today by more than 3,500 companies and 2,500 research institutions, including 98 of the world’s 100 highest ranked universities. Tobii Tech supplies eye tracking technology for integration into consumer electronics and other products such as personal computers, virtual reality headsets, healthcare applications, automotive DMS and more. Tobii is headquartered in Sweden and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (TOBII). The group has over 1,000 employees.