Understand Humans 
One Powerful API

NVISO's Human Behaviour AI SDK key benefits include a single robust real-time human behavior API, flexible sensor integration and placement, integrated software/hardware with heterogenous computing optimization, and faster development cycles and time-to-value.

It provides robust embedded software solutions that can sense, comprehend, and act upon human behavior in real-world environments deployed at the extreme edge. It achieves this through real-time perception and observation of people and objects in contextual situations combined with the reasoning and semantics of human behavior based on trusted scientific research.

The SDK enables developers to build ready-to-integrate AI Solutions to efficiently provide industry specific reasoning and semantic layers addressing the needs of specific markets across multiple hardware platforms without vendor lock-in. The SDK is supported through a long term maintenance agreement for multi-party implementation of tools for AI systems development.

Ultra Low-Power

NVISO's technology is purpose built for a new class of ultra-efficient machine learning processors at the extreme edge (low power, on-device, without requiring an internet connection), while being compatible with low-power IoT devices. Supporting a wide range of heterogenous computing platforms ranging from CPU, GPU, NPU, and Neuromorphic computing, NVISO is future proof and works best at the extreme edge. 

Privacy Preserving

Protects user privacy by design with advanced security and creates better user experiences due to lower latency of processing. Propelled by the deployment of 5G and Internet of Things devices (internet-connected devices) where ultra-low power machine learning processors allow analytics to be located close to where the data is created. Privacy can be further enhanced with on-device learning and federated learning.

No Cloud By Design

Flexible sensor driven AI system architecture, where no internet connectivity is required and no cloud is needed for the product or service to operate unleashes the ultimate power of artificial intelligence. A configurable AI App catalogue for vision that applies computer vision and machine learning algorithms to perform a variety of perception and observation tasks available for Android and iOS running without an internet connection. 

Create New User Experiences 
Low Power and Secure

Smart Living

Smart Living is a solution that aims to make an environment of the future that improves people’s quality of life. Smart devices enabled by multimedia, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) are constantly emerging and are becoming more popular, smart devices will continue to interconnect and converge, making people's lives smarter and more convenient.

Companion Robots

Supporting the interaction of companion robots with their owners in their daily lives. Detect presence and identity through facial recognition. Anticipate and react to owner needs by observing head and eye movements, by tracking head pose and gaze. Pay attention to and appropriately adjust to mood through observation of owner’s emotional state.


The metaverse is a concept of a 3D digital world. To offer an immersive metaverse virtual experience, tech companies are incorporating cutting-edge technologies to power the 3D world’s development. Such technologies include blockchain, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), 3D reconstruction, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of things (IoT).

Unmatched Embedding Performance
Low-Power ARM Cortex CPUs

Case Study
Panasonic Nicobo

Companion robots are designed to interact naturally with humans, with the ability to perceive and respond to a user’s mental state, behaviours and commands. With these capabilities they can assist in combating loneliness and detecting depression along with helping in keeping people healthy at home through the remote monitoring of vital signs. This is achieved through visual comprehension and NVISO’s human behavioural analytics AI systems have the capabilities to deliver this. NVISO’s solutions do this through its range of AI Apps providing visual observation, perception and semantic reasoning capabilities, the results of which can be used in identifying issues, in decision making processes and in supporting autonomous “human like” interactions.

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Capture video or images locally on device using off-the-shelve and commodity cameras or sensors (see details) and provide the sensor data to the SDK for processing. No calibration of the sensor or scene is required.



Process captured data from a camera in real-time on-device (see supported devices) with our SDK to extract desired signals (see available signals). SDK runs efficiently on the CPU, GPU, NPU or state-of-the-art Neuromorphic processor cores for various performance / power tradeoffs.



Access the provided signals on-device or transmit them to other devices and then act on them to deliver innovative product features. Analyze the results for real-time interactions or integration with application services without storing or transmitting P-II data. 

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Smart Mobility

Interior Monitoring Systems

NVISO’s Human Behaviour AI SDK is already being used in advanced vehicle prototypes for interior camera monitoring systems. By incorporating NVISO’s Human Behaviour artificial intelligence, it adds a new layer of safety, security, and personalization by monitoring and analyzing implicit behavior of the driver and passengers. Learn More.

Smart Health

Patient Monitoring and Assessment

NVISO’s Human Behaviour AI SDK provides innovative secure solutions that can help medical professionals around the world improve patient quality of life through real-time intelligent devices that understand patients' state for improved assessments and monitoring of advanced emotions and patient vital signs. Learn More.