Understand Humans 
One Powerful API

NVISO's Human Behaviour AI SDK key benefits include a single robust real-time human behavior API, flexible sensor integration and placement, integrated software/hardware with heterogenous computing optimization, and faster development cycles and time-to-value.

It provides robust embedded software solutions that can sense, comprehend, and act upon human behavior in real-world environments deployed at the extreme edge. It achieves this through real-time perception and observation of people and objects in contextual situations combined with the reasoning and semantics of human behavior based on trusted scientific research.

The SDK enables developers to build ready-to-integrate AI Solutions to efficiently provide industry specific reasoning and semantic layers addressing the needs of specific markets across multiple hardware platforms without vendor lock-in. The SDK is supported through a long term maintenance agreement for multi-party implementation of tools for AI systems development.

Ultra Low-Latency

NVISO's technology is purpose built for a new class of ultra-efficient machine learning processors at the extreme edge (low power, on-device, without requiring an internet connection), while being compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. Supporting a wide range of heterogenous computing platforms ranging from CPU, GPU, NPU, and Neuromorphic computing, NVISO is future proof and works best at the extreme edge. 

Privacy Preserving

Protects user privacy by design with advanced security and creates better user experiences due to lower latency of processing. Propelled by the deployment of 5G and Internet of Things devices (internet-connected devices) where ultra-low power machine learning processors allow analytics to be located close to where the data is created. Privacy can be further enhanced with on-device learning and federated learning.

No Cloud By Design

Flexible sensor driven AI system architecture, where no internet connectivity is required and no cloud is needed for the product or service to operate unleashes the ultimate power of artificial intelligence. A configurable AI App catalogue for vision that applies computer vision and machine learning algorithms to perform a variety of perception and observation tasks available for Android and iOS running without an internet connection. 

Create New User Experiences 
Robust and Secure

Smart Mobility

Next generation mobility requires AI, from self-driving cars to new ways to engage customers. Build and deploy robust AI-powered interior monitoring systems. The NVISO Human Behaviour SDK includes building blocks and tools that accelerate in-cabin monitoring developments that require the increased perception and interaction features enabled by AI including gaze and eye state tracking, body tracking, and activity and gesture recognition.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

A key feature expected to become a standard feature in new cars as a result of regulatory and rating agency requirements Euro NCAP 2025 Roadmap. DMS can detect distracted and drowsy drivers by accurately measuring eye and head position, attention, and fatigue. The DMS alerts the driver and integrated safety systems upon detection of a risk such as drowsiness or distraction before safety is compromised.

Interior Monitoring System(IMS)

It is not only the driver who is the focus of attention. The camera can be positioned in such a way that all seats are in its field of vision. The system can detect the presence of any other occupant, and can thus deactivate the airbag if, for instance, a child safety seat is present. IMS enables in-vehicle systems to sense their occupants’ emotional states and gestures to provide personalized experiences in the transition to automated driving.

Designed for the Real-World
Integration Ready

Embedding Tools

Supporting prototype platforms (Intel) to production platforms from centralized computing (NVIDIA), multimedia computing (Qualcomm), to close-to-sensor computing (Arm A5x, A7x + NPU and Neuromorphic Accelerators).

Simulation Tools

Camera sensor type and location play a critical role in system performance. 3D simulation tools provide a fast and effective design and verification platform.

Machine Learning Tools

Data driven software development require automated data tools to enable full cycle development of AI systems cost effectively.

Performance That Scales
Any Sensor, Any Placement

The interior of a vehicle is an unpredictable environment. Typical constraints range from driving environmental unpredictability to drastic changes in ambient temperature. These factors drive the need for systems to include sufficient algorithms capable of handling tough environmental conditions and choice of camera placement is critical to enable the robust operation of AI systems. Another factor that adds to the system complexity is accommodating the cosmetic design of the vehicle.

Automotive designers constantly try to introduce new design concepts while also maximizing driver comfort features. These constraints require the position and location of the camera to often change. NVISO addresses these challenges through supporting flexible camera positioning anywhere between the A-pillar and the center stack which is critical to large scale adoption.

Unmatched Embedding Performance
Low-Power ARM Cortex CPUs

Case Study
Bonseyes AI Marketplace

NVISO's is a founding member of the Bonseyes Community Association which is a non-profit AI-focused association based in Switzerland. BCA was created and inspired by the H2020 Bonseyes AI Marketplace project to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits all of society through open, distributed, and decentralized platforms and technology. BCA’s mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence (in all forms from narrow to general) which will ultimately create highly autonomous systems benefits all of society – not just a select few.

It aims to directly build open technology platforms supporting distributed artificial intelligence marketplaces empowering innovators, data scientists, and developers to build and trade value creating, safe, and beneficial AI aligned with societal goals. Currently it is focused on supporting Extreme Edge AI technologies supporting ground-breaking technologies such as ultra-low-power machine learning processors and brain-inspired neuromorphic chips. For more information see the Bonseyes AI Marketplace.

Within the scope of the Bonseyes project, NVISO showcased how future in-car experiences would be centered around the driver-vehicle relationship, where AI would enable the car to have continuous learning, with the end goal to develop an understanding with the occupants that is both meaningful and human in nature.

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Capture video or images locally on device using off-the-shelve and commodity cameras or sensors (see details) and provide the sensor data to the SDK for processing. No calibration of the sensor or scene is required.



Process captured data from a camera in real-time on-device (see supported devices) with our SDK to extract desired signals (see available signals). SDK runs efficiently on the CPU, GPU, NPU or state-of-the-art Neuromorphic processor cores for various performance / power tradeoffs.



Access the provided signals on-device or transmit them to other devices and then act on them to deliver innovative product features. Analyze the results for real-time interactions or integration with application services without storing or transmitting P-II data. 

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Smart Mobility

Interior Monitoring Systems

NVISO’s Human Behaviour AI SDK provides is already being used in advanced vehicle prototypes for interior camera monitoring systems. By incorporating NVISO’s Human Behaviour artificial intelligence, it adds a new layer of safety, security, and personalization by monitoring and analyzing implicit behavior of the driver and passengers. Learn More.

Smart Health

Patient Monitoring and Assessment

NVISO’s Human Behaviour AI SDK provides innovative secure solutions that can help medical professionals around the world improve patient quality of life through real-time intelligent devices that understand patients' state for improved assessments and monitoring of advanced emotions and patient vital signs. Learn More.